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raul silva
Posted over 1 year ago
What are humanity's longterm goals?
Let´s talk about the future.If someday we conquer gravity, ilness and death.We won´t need manual work anymore(robots will do that).we also can find a sustainable way of life and spreed our species across some planets. Even our most deep desires (sex, adventure, etc..) will be fulfilled by some amazing virtual reality. I believe it will happen in some countries first, but i m not sure if it will spreed all around the world. But them what????This is my question! I really believe that a large amount of our population would live like vegetables plugged in a virtual reality.And this is something that bothers me. Ours motivations (sex, hunger, power, learning, playing, love, surviving, etc..) will disappear or will be changed by a virtual one? Witch motivation will survive? Probably the desire of power over other people or countries and the survival instinct. Off course there is always some asteroid,artificial intelligence revolution, etc.., that could change this predictions. And I am not sure if i like this future.