Jonathan Hulton

Manchester Uk, United Kingdom

About Jonathan


I am a creative communicator and love to see people reach their maximum potential in life.

My life is wrapped up in family, faith and friends and the people whom I come across every day, I am passionate about people and could never live on a desert island.

In my everyday life I spend much of my time putting together events that are focused on helping people to build an understand of who God really is. I'm a dreamer, big thinker but also a realist and have a goal that is to see 100,000 people make a positive decision in their life that will help them get closer to God.

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English, Welsh

Areas of Expertise

communication, Evangelism, Risk Manaagement, Challenging Behaviour, Adoption , Adoption Awareness, Adoption issues, faith and hope, faith and inspiration

An idea worth spreading

What would you do if your potential was greater than what you thought it was? How would you discover it? How would you deliver it, how would you develop it?

I'm passionate about

Innovation, Communication, Creativity and people.

Talk to me about

Life and why life happens the way it does, I am an explorer of the possibilities.

People don't know I'm good at

Playing chess, keep it quiet.

My TED story

I'm still in the early days of my TED story, but I am at present riding on a wave of success. It is a journey that I am sharing as I go, learning as I grow and living to the maximum potential in every moment. All that I can teach you, or share with you is my incredible journey of discovery in life. As a survivor of spinal injury, adoption and rejection to be standing in a position of strength I can and will bring you a sense of hope in your surroundings. There is no shortage of faith in my life, no shortage of determination and no lack of ambition. Let's talk.