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Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Hi Ted, i'm from Kazakhstan, now i'm 18 years old, i'll be honest i love approx all your presentations, speeches, especially "Ze Frank Web Playroom" thax u a lot / Now i'm studyin in Kimep Bussines university but i'm gonna change my university to engineer

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don't know what to write here, but i agree with this, no one will understand you if you won't show your world

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approximately everything, science, music, sports, Science more

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Daniyar Zhakulinov
Posted over 2 years ago
Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think its fair?
Probably everyone has those moments in life when they want to die of shame, or maybe something sad happened, or if someone just can not get his life intention, and it is impossible to do something in order to improve it, the combination of these moments gives us an understanding that  our life is not perfect, and if we have a chance to be born again, we would like to improve everything and make life perfect. but, is it worth all the beautiful moments of life that we had