Ted Gambordella

Owner, VPower Glove
Dallas, TX, United States

About Ted


9th Degree Black Belt

47 Years teaching experience

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998

Grandmaster Instructor of the Year 2000

International Weapons Master Instructor of Year 2001

Martial Arts Weapons Hall of Fame 2001

World Head of Family Sokeship Council 1999

Martial Art Legends Hall of Fame 2001

Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame 2002

World Black Belt Hall of Fame 2003

Personal Trainers Hall of Fame 2007

Karate Masters Hall of Fame 2011

3 Times US Karate Sparring Champion

2 Times USA Karate Weapons Champion

Author 42 Books

38 DVD's

Patented Inventor

Areas of Expertise

sales, Marketing / Branding, Invention & Innovation

An idea worth spreading

VPower Glove...amazing performance for gloves


LSU Baton Rouge