Helena Hedström

Uppsala, Sweden

About Helena


I'm a Master student in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University with a passion for social and environmental sustainability and a background in International Relations, Political Science, Economics and Communications. Addressing the main challenges facing humanity today, I believe strongly in multi-level solutions ranging from global to local with a great diversity of actors, as well as the importance of education in achieving social change, through innovative, critical thinking, and an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research. One of my main interests is to provide meeting points, forums and platforms for connecting people and sharing innovative ideas, and also to help realize such ideas by project development or linking them to the right framework and resources. This is what I hope to work with in the future, and I consider it to be of crucial importance in the field of sustainability.


English, Swedish

Areas of Expertise

Sustainable Development, International Relations, Political Science

An idea worth spreading

The importance of academic interdisciplinarity in solving the complex, transboundary global challenges facing humanity today, such as climate change and resource management

I'm passionate about

Finding paths towards more sustainable societies, highlighting initiatives in this direction, providing meeting points, connecting people, sharing and realizing innovative ideas

Talk to me about

Sustainability, environmental policy, social change, communication, societal organization, political economics

My TED story

As someone who is very interested in new and innovative ideas, I sometimes find it difficult to navigate the information overload, and to me TED Talks is a perfect format for introducing such ideas in an accessible way that cuts through the noise and gives the viewer a starting point to explore these more in-depth. One of the greatest strengths of TED in my opinion is the possibility of finding unexpected sources of inspiration and discovering topics that might not already be on your radar. The TEDxUniversityofGothenburg event held in 2011 opened my eyes to TEDx as a way to apply this format with its many advantages to a local setting such as a university.

Favorite talks