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Student- BSc Environmental Science, Projects Abroad
Scarborough, United Kingdom

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Committed to helping animals and the environment by educating and motivating people to create and maintain environmentally conscious behaviors and habits. Strong communication skills include educating and motivating others, leading diverse teams, managing time, applying critical thinking skills, thinking on my feet, and identifying with multicultural audiences.

Environmental Competencies

• Phase I Habitat Surveys
• Biotope Surveys
• Field & lab work

• Species Identification
• Conservation techniques & downfalls
• Water Analysis
• Toxicology

• Knowledge of Legal/Statutory Directives, International laws, frameworks, & organizations

Diving Qualifications

• Advanced Open Water Diver
• Specialty in Underwater Photography

Member of Entertainment Team at Sea Life Centre in Scarborough, UK. During year-long employment, delivered educational talks to multi-generational groups of 20-40 people to educate the public about animal rescue and rehabilitation, marine life, and conservation issues. Topic mastery included evolutionary adaptations and anthropogenic threats facing otters, seals, penguins, sea turtles, sharks, octopi, and rays in addition to flora and fauna on the premises and intertidal organisms found in the touch pool. Demonstrated knowledge of animal dietary needs; prepared and fed animals.

Canvasser - promoted to Field Manager - for Fund for the Public Interest in Virginia. In three-month period, passion for cause and ability to connect with people resulted in raising nearly $10,000 with some individual donations of $200. Adapted campaign scripts for individual talks and inserted personal experiences and independent research. Planned canvassing routes, trained new canvassers, managed canvassing groups, and collected and accounted for funds raised.

Conservation volunteer for Projects Abroad, Peruvian Rain Forest. Made and maintained enclosures; rehabilitated to release back into the wild variety of animals: spider monkeys, brown and white capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tapirs, and parrots; rescued, measured, released, and monitored side-neck spotted or Taricaya turtles; collected and provided statistics on Amazon wildlife to Peruvian Government; educated local farmers about sustainable farming practices. This work helped to improve circumstances for animals in the Peruvian Amazon by working to increase the number of fecund individuals of each species in the wild which in turn increases population numbers and combats biodiversity loss. Working with local indigenous people to integrate more sustainable farming practices and educate them about the conservation of local animals helped them to develop in an environmentally conscious and economically effective way. The combination of these efforts work to reduce and counteract anthropogenic impacts on the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, and since the Amazon is an essential carbon sink, contribute to efforts to mitigate global climate change.

Photographer exhibiting 120 photographs in Cairo, Egypt. Visually captured effects of civilization on Egyptian, Indian, and American environments. Developed pictures using dark room equipment and techniques as well as digital medium and software; interacted with public to gage their impressions and educate them about the human impact on global and local environments. Comments from public and rater included: that the photographic works and their exploration and exposition of anthropogenic environmental degradation and social inequity was profound and also able to capture real insights into many cultures and bring to light the innate relatability of all people despite seeming vast differences.

Spanish – Conversational speaking, reading, and writing
Arabic – Conversational speaking; Level II reading: Level I writing

B.Sc. Environmental Science, July 2013, University of Hull, Scarborough Campus, UK

Dissertation: Sustainable Communities & the Feasibility of Their Implementation on a Global Scale. Submitted April 2013.

High School Diploma, June 2008, Cairo American College; Cairo, Egypt

International Baccalaureate Certificates: Islamic History, English, Biology, and Math

Member of Entertainment Team, Scarborough Sea Life Centre, Scarborough, UK; June 2011- May 2012
Canvasser and Field Manager, Fund for the Public Interest, Virginia, USA; June 2010- September 2010
Sales Associate, Urban Outfitters, Tysons Corner Mall, Virginia, USA; December 2009 - May 2010
Conservation Volunteer. Projects Abroad, Puerto Maldonado, Peru; August - October, 2009
Dog Care Provider, Falls Church, VA. 2009.

Childcare Provider. Jordan, USA, Egypt; 2003-2008.

References provided upon request.


Arabic, English, Spanish

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Global Issues

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"Our goal is a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy, and just world- with clean air, water, soil, and power- economically, equitably, economically, and elegantly enjoyed." -William McDonough

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combating the cornucopia of anthropogenically-induced environmental dilemmas plaguing our contemporary global society for everything within the biosphere

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