Courtney Pelzel

Managing Member, Asap Computer Services
San Antonio, TX, United States

About Courtney


Been immersed in the information technology support industry in San Antonio,TX for the last 15 years. Just now coming up for some air.



Areas of Expertise

IT Support, PC Repair, Network & IT security, Network Administraton, Server, Desktop and Laptop systems, Computer Repair Service, Laptop Repair, Computer repair, Computer services, Computer Support

An idea worth spreading

Using the cloud for small businesses information technology without paying monthly fees.

I'm passionate about

Helping small business and non-profits with their IT Support and computer network design and network support needs.

Talk to me about

Fishing, Computers, Network Design, Wed Development, Server and Computer Hardware.

People don't know I'm good at

Chess, I'm an amateur chess player with a rating of around 1700 on a good day.

My TED story

Was referred to TED by a customer who was the project manager for a women's shelter in Boerne, TX

Comments & conversations

Courtney Pelzel
Posted over 2 years ago
Debate: US Postal Service.
1. Force community mailboxes to be installed for all old neighborhoods with a mailbox in-front of every house. That should cut back on fuel and staffing needs. 2. Convert USPS vehicles to electric and manage routes to match range of electric vehicles. 3. Reduce or eliminate retirement benefits for USPS employees.