Samuel J. Bass

Poet and Author, Writer / Thinker
Eugene, OR, United States

About Samuel J.


Writing, most of my work is not public and unfinished but you can see it on my website. I'm on my way to finishing it in my free time while finishing college to earn a Bachelors majoring in CIS. In my past I've been a jack of all trades, a self taught man in astrophysics, a hitchhiker of the world by sailboats, and a child looking for logic in an insane bubble called America. My mission which I accepted at 28 is to bleed my heart out in my writing while expressing my ideas in a concise honest fashion. I want to help society, not vampirize it.


Chinese, English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

History, Motorcycle Adventures, Health and fitness, Literature & Culture, Science , Martial Arts instructor, Poetry (writing/readings), writing - creative, bboying, CIS

An idea worth spreading

Travel the world by sailboat. Learn to look outside the box of your country and propaganda associated with the experience. Be truthful to who you are without all the distractions and lies and ego.

I'm passionate about

Everything worth learning from.

Talk to me about

If you see something in my expertise that you have questions about, ask me, and I will talk about it.

People don't know I'm good at

Chess, I love it but never get to play enough. I found that by learning about how historical battles were won and lost throughout history, I became exponentially stronger at winning in chess.

My TED story

I fell in love with TED talks when I had some free time over the summer of 2012. I have made it a point to watch every single video available. One day that will happen but then I'll have to start over again and watch my favorites.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Samuel J. Bass
Posted about 1 year ago
Amanda Palmer: The art of asking
I'm basically doing this with my writing, I want all to read and the people who enjoy my work to please support me. Your talk made me tear up almost the whole way through. I was touched... www,
Samuel J. Bass
Posted over 1 year ago
Dan Barber: A foie gras parable
Genius like Eduardo goes unused by the masses because it's much too easy to keep a dysfunctional system functional for all the wrong reasons. It's a sad choice of massive developed societies, and since there is an overwhelming amount of people who have been dumbed down by the broken school systems, the media, and the hype men, it sadly will not change for the greater numbers, only for the individual. I guess the question is this: Are you an individual living among large numbers, or large numbers living among a few individuals?
Samuel J. Bass
Posted almost 2 years ago
George Smoot: The design of the universe
I think you turned off your openness of your imagination to new ideas too early. Think of the larger picture. It's a simple thing. Maybe you don't know this but science fiction usually turns out to be reality at some point. Case in point: Ender's Game. He had an ipad he used to play against the giant. Well it wasn't called an ipad but we have them now and that book was written in the 70s. Lots of things we imagine are actually possible so speculation is highly relevant if it's feeding off of a natural instinct.
Samuel J. Bass
Posted almost 2 years ago
Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius
I understand this part of my life, the creative part. It's a journey that is constantly evolving. I started with reading and writing and poetry. I went into martial arts, then motorcycle racing, and along that the art of selling to anyone with my side jobs. Then into dancing, breakdancing to be specific. Then quite recently I came back into writing and during all these times I love knowledge, the art of learning. Everything complimented each other even when I had to stop one thing I was on my way into doing another artistic lifestyle. It's a journey to me. Enjoy it.
Samuel J. Bass
Posted almost 2 years ago
Faith Jegede: What I've learned from my autistic brothers
I spent a year with a 4yr old who is autistic. He did indeed live in his own world but regardless of my amazement due to his unique ability to see numbers everywhere and constantly trying to find symmetry in his toys and such I loved his ability to appreciate honest love and care. He also had greater abilities than his parents could understand, I could see them but I could not undermine their personal lockdown on his abilities. He is genius in many ways and I have a feeling there are many others similarly dealing with this problem of having parents that either don't care or just can't understand. Education, the right kind of education which is not just regurgitation is highly needed in developed societies so ignorance can be abolished and the treatment of children, other humans, and the universe can positively flourish in a complementary fashion.