Yang Li

Student , Tongji University
Shanghai, China

About Yang


I'm a senior student in Tongji University now, majoring in surveying and mapping engineering now. Being passionate about all kinds of creative things and ideas, I have participated in numerous extra-curriculum activities. As the team leader in Fudan University of AIESEC, I have developed long term intern relationship with 7 companies out of 20, involved in organizing an AIESEC national meeting and joined a Standard Charted Program in India for 41 days. In November, 2012, I contacted the headquarters of China Young Development Program(CYDP) about holding the Columbia RoadShow in Tongji University. I was in charge of the whole show, ranging from the publicizing in the beginning, arranging the show's meeting room and attracting more than 250 students. Besides, we helped Tongji University developed a long term relationship about propaganda and exchange program with Columbia University. After the whole show, I, as the only coordinator in this program, talk with the vice dean of Columbia Engineering School, discussing admission details with him and establishing a cooperation with CYDP.


Chinese, English, French

An idea worth spreading

I think that an idea is like an beacon in the ocean, lighting the darkness. Years ago, when having no Internet, we could only know the most advancing thoughts and theories by reading a book or attend a meeting. As we can see, it can only affect a small number of people, leaving millions of billions of people unenlightened. However, now, it is the golden time for us to spread our ideas. The value of spreading idea is priceless, especially in China. Since the government in China have censorship, all media in China have no choice but to delete a myriad of ideas and news. But, with the help of TED, we can sharing various ideas through Internet, without the being checked.

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about new and creative ideas and things. Also, I really love swimming and basketball.

Talk to me about

What's your internets.Also, I have huge interests in law and language. Oh, if you love reading books, you can introduce some to me. Sports can never be outdated for me.

People don't know I'm good at

I can speak three languages, Chinese, English and French. Besides, I don't think people know me that I am good at writing, hahaha.

My TED story

When I was in India, I knew Ted from a german dude.But at that time, I just think 'well, it is normal and we students have nothing to do with it'. But as soon as l went back to Shanghai, I knew one of my friends Peter Yao was in charge of TEDxJinan. I was really impressed with their passionate and devotion to TED. Later, I knew more and more people who also had huge confidence and enthusiasm to TED. For example, Qiang Shang, being in charge of TED FDU now, told me how to joined and made contribution to it. With the help from him, I am helping to organize an TED show now. One day, an idea just came to mind. Why don't set up TED TJU? We have uncanny merits and resources. Most importantly, I always hold a belief that sharing makes a difference. I hope that we can spread the most advancing and interesting thoughts to students in Tongji University, which is the reason why I want to join in TED.