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Pearce Cohen
Posted almost 2 years ago
Debate: Should students rely on technology for their homework?
I too have joined this conversation late so again sorry if i repeat any ideas. I am a student in senior school in Australia and my school and government has provided all students with laptops. As a student with access to technology, i feel that the only necessary times to use internet and other technological contraptions is when i haven't been taught the material I need to know. In Science i'll have to do homework and find out an equation for chemistry and I won't have the knowledge. I can easily access the computer and find my answer. However i have many friends who use the internet to their advantage for example assignments. They just copy and past slabs of info from the net and hand in an assignment without so much as a nights work. Although the internet is one of the greatest things invented recently, it can still be an unreliable resource where some things are just plain wrong. I do believe that the internet is terrific however can be used for the wrong reasons and not particularly correct sometimes.