Marwa El-faki

a volunteer, TEDxKhartoum
Khartoum Bahri, Sudan

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I'm an Electronics Engineering graduate, my major is in Telecommunication, and i had multiple courses in computer science and programming languages. I had experience on computer maintenance (software and hardware ). basically everything has to do with technology falls on my interest area.


Arabic, English

An idea worth spreading

Don't fight what is different from you, cause it may be not that different, and u only see that way cause you just didn't give it time or a trial period. Just except new things.

I'm passionate about

Technology and movies and video games and music ^_^ , i'm a member of a lot of non-profit organizations that meant to raise youth awareness. Also i love playing Basketball.


Al-Neelain University

Talk to me about

Inspiring people, success stories, people who defined realty and made a different, music, movies, games, and technology new inventions.

People don't know I'm good at

Hip-hop dancing

My TED story

I watched an amazing TEDx talk and i loved it, i was introduced to it by an organization i was volunteering at. After that i searched for TEDx online and i came across a Facebook event for TEDGlobal Live-stream 2012, it was in NTC, so i registered and took my friend and went to the event. The minute i entered i was amazed by everything from the speakers to the content of their talks to the theme of the event and the whole concept of sharing ideas that can change the world, but most of all one of the volunteers had the nicest approach i have ever seen and i loved him at the spot and i decide these are the kind of people i wanna be around. Now i'm part of the team and i say it proudly it's the best experience of life. my main job was in the translation/interpretation team where we translate TEDx talks from/to Arabic and English, and we also do live interpretation at the event day. i was also in charge of the broadcast of the event through the Sudanese Universities via special network...

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Marwa El-faki
Posted 8 months ago
What's your story?
Ok let's see, what is my story!! I am an Electronics Engineer,when i was young i wasn't ordinary child like every child in Sudan, i went through a lot of bad stuff growing up that i still think are effecting my life, also i was destined to go in the same way as my big brother and sister and make the same mistakes and all. BUT guess what i didn't. At some point of my life i woke up and realized the meaning of "how to treat each others right and how to become a better person", it started with the way i treat my parents, and it was a fight to do it, i worked very hard to make them trust me and treat me like i was treating them, in a different way than my bro and sis, the success in doing that gave me confidence to change other aspect of my life like my relationship with god, so i started to but god in front of me while dealing with everything cause as i am a Muslim, this relation with god is the most important relation in my life. So i started to leave a lot of bad things, i didn't lie, steal, envy, disrespect others, and others things. i became a better person, and that got me thinking why others don't try to change, and then i started to focus on the word "WHY" , it was my first answer to everything and like you #Rachel Miller said i wanted to know what makes people behave the way they do?, what drives them?, and i gave my self the nick name "the truth seeker" , that's why i replied to your post and i read the answers and shared mine for the first time, even though it's shortcut and kinda messy.
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Marwa El-faki
Posted about 1 year ago
What is the most important thing you've learned on your own?
i learned how to respect my parents and never raise my voice in-front of them and always seek for there acceptance second i learned everything in the area of maintenance of computer by my own , i just try finally , i learned to take responsibility bout my own action , and try to always tell the truth