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Deann Ballard
Posted almost 2 years ago
Idea: "Country-in-a-country" special economic zone
This idea is of creating this community is ideally a great idea. This problem as always comes in the implementation. There have been many comments pointing out all the reasons for it not to work. Maybe if you set it up an a way that that money that these individuals would be getting from the government would be put towards supporting the difference in costs of living. This would allow individuals to work and build up experience thus not being a total drain. It would keep the jobs in the country and promote individuals to get back on their feet. If they wanted benefits from the government they would have to go to one of these areas located around the country. There would be a time limit of two years promoting those to move forward. Training and education would be offered maintaining the standard of work. The housing and accommodations would be moderate but not lavish promoting upward movement.