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Louie Cesario
Posted almost 2 years ago
Redefining Individuality
The only problem with brilliant ideas as this, is that the only people capable of implementing changes to foster such a movement are those who cherish their own idea of individuality. The idea is there, but strategic planning is necessary if it will ever be possible. 'The common person' will not change their life to improve sustainability, world hunger, ozone depletion etc.--if they are not properly informed on the subject at hand! There needs to be a series of steps and milestones for our society to reach before pushing such a movement-- and it will only start with a more informed citizenry-- People shouldn't be told to put down the US weekly and read the WSJ, it should be second nature. If we as a society are going to take full use and advantage of resources and technology that are available, the people who control those means must use them to effectively inform-- to create a more intelligent people and ultimately encourage the use and emergence of entrepreneurial ventures that shape a new definition of how an individual acts and is informed in terms of his/her own and others cultural, social and economic position.