Lucie Jurova

Czech, English, Spanish (intermediate)
Dublin, Ireland

About Lucie


I am Czech and decided to go abroad at age of 25 due to the lack of job opportunities in our country. Living abroad gave me the opportunity to improve my English as well as it gave me the experience to stand firmly on my own feet and not give up at most difficult times. In 2010 I applied for the undergraduate course "Languages International Communication" and successfully graduated in 2013. In the third year of my undergraduate course I came across the subject "Multimedia Translation" which has changed my life. My interest in Multimedia Translation has led me to appply for the Master's degree course called "Multilingual Computing and Localisation" at University of Limerick. At this stage, I have finished all the exams and am currently working on my thesis.



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I am passionate about travelling, languages and any kinds of sport activities.

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