Sharon Gordon

Director, entrepeneur
Johannesburg, South Africa, South Africa

About Sharon

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Being a Keynote Speaker is just one of Sharon's Careers. During the 80s she was a Human Rights Lawyer who was instrumental in running the first legal strike in South Africa.

During this period she was involved in ground breaking law. Some of the trials Sharon was involved in included Treason, Sabotage, Public Violence and on a lighter note - Chicken Theft.

Sharon then moved to the Corporate World as a Labour Consultant and then as CEO for Human Resources for Billiton International. This is where she learnt that power - tastes like Cream Soda.

In 1997, Sharon embarked on her life as an Entrepreneur. From trains to books and a lot in between. In 2002 she embarked on changing the Adult Industry in South Africa and started the well recognised brand Lola Montez.

Never afraid of challenging perceptions and taboos - this is where she found her voice as a speaker, educator, entertainer and relationship engineer.



Areas of Expertise

Sexual Health, Career Development, female leadership

An idea worth spreading

Erotic capital and the Balance Sheet of Power. It is said that by 2023 women will make up at least 75% of the worlds workforce. What jobs women will hold down will depend on their understanding of their personal assets including Erotic Capital. Erotic capital is the unseen discriminator that can directly impact on our potential to get the job, keep it and receive the promotion. It is vital for companies and individuals to understand how erotic capital affects employment policies and profitability.

I'm passionate about

Understanding sexuality and how it affects society in both personal and public relationships.

My TED story

I'm addicted and working on a programme to cure it!