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Damasacus, Syria

About Fadi


My name is Fadi AL-Shnani and I am from Jordan. I am a supervisor teacher in chemistry department at Damascus University.

I graduated from Damascus University- Faculty of Science - Chemistry Department in 2010.
While I was in my senior year, I Presented a lecture ( you can say as a graduation project ) for fifteen mints, entitled “Green Chemistry” during the Educational Scientific Week at Damascus University - Faculty of Science.

After my graduation, I worked in Ultra Medica Company for pharmaceutical industry for seven months.
My duties are :
1) I was responsible on the Water Processing Unit. I did the water analytics and I was a supervisor on the water filters and the sterilization process.
2) I analyzed all final and in progress products.
3) I follow up the stability study for final and in progress products.
3) I analyzed and sampling the raw material.
4) I worked on writing standard operation procedures(SOPs).
5) I worked on all the lab devices as( HPLC ,Karl Ficher ,IR ,UV and Dissolution tester).

Right now , I am a supervisor teacher for the third year students at Damascus University - Faculty of Science - Chemistry Department.
My main duties as supervisor teacher at Chemistry Department are:
1) Supervise on the students while they are doing the experiments.
2) Discuss the experiment in the general and high light the main purpose of it.
3) Discuss the outcome data.


Arabic, English

Areas of Expertise

Applied Chemisrty

An idea worth spreading

Lets be Green and save US and this Planet.

1- Use all the materials that get involve in chemical manufacturing.
2- Use Renewable resources.
3- Looking for selectivity and high out comes in chemical manufacturing.
4- Stop compiling garbage instead of reusing it.

I'm passionate about

Science, inventions in general and Chemistry particularly.
Finding new and effective ways of teaching.
Environment and helping the planet.
Green Chemistry.


Damascus University

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Any thing includes Science , inventions, environment , chemistry and technology.
The modern and effective ways of teaching and learning.

My TED story

In Time , I will have my TED story.