Steven Parker

Taipei, Taiwan

About Steven


I believe in two things very strongly. Profit for Purpose. And Connecting and Caring. I am an experienced bilingual Manager specialising in not for profit. I have worked in Sales, Marketing, Fundraising, Event Management, Business Development, Internal and External Communications, and broad-base Stakeholder management including corporate, Board and Government relations.
I am a fluent speaker of Chinese.
I have lived and worked in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, UK. I love doing business but I believe that business should always improve the communities it is involved in.


Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

Non-Profit Business, Marketing, Cross Cultural Business , Chinese

An idea worth spreading

Profit for Purpose. Make money but make it for a reason, to improve lives.

I'm passionate about

Profit for Purpose. Business should make profit but that profit has to be for a purpose, to improve the lives of people. And I am passionate about golf...silly I know but there you have it...


Swinburne University