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Posted over 2 years ago
Are companies still able to develop innovative business models?
Probably you are right Stefano. We are becoming less innovative over time. Indeed, when people think of innovation, the answer always goes to the digital world (for example Mozilla, Linux, as TedLover said). However, most companies in the digital space are doing something old in a digital way (e.g. social networking, knowledge sharing, education, etc.). For me, this is not innovation. It is simply using another channel to deliver a service or sell a product. A smaller tablet, a faster software, or online education are not really innovative businesses, are they? So what happens if we exclude the digital space in our search for innovation? Well... in that case, there are almost no examples of truly disruptive, original, crazy business models. Maybe the following ideas are helpful to you. I consider these truly innovative and disruptive. • Cirque du Soleil, a nice mixture of circus, opera and music that had never been seen before • The Kindle from Amazon • The tie society, or AirBnB.com on shared consumption • Any other? To Lejan’s point, I totally agree that “creative minds' and 'accountants' is a recipe for stagnation”. However, I do not really see, as he does, examples of small and creative companies being bought by the big ones. At the end of the day, these small companies are not innovative anymore. Does this make sense?