joanna scott

Presenter/Psychic/Author, Psychic Today, Sky Channel 886
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

About joanna


Run workshops on relationships, own a Psychic website and run Ask The Psychic in UK & Europe. Currently work live on TV as a Presenter/Psychic and teach many clients how to understand relationships, the psychic world, tarot cards, and psychology and their meanings. Author of The Love Key, currently write in Soul and Spirit, Pride, Spirit and Destiny, Fate and Fortune, Psychologies, Agony Aunt in local Newspaper in Bucks, High Spirit and Chat its Fate. Next venture to write my own magazine for people interested in the sciences, relationships, psychology and spiritiual world. Looking at 2013 to start.

Areas of Expertise

Psychology - Clinical, Cognitive, Social, Human Experiences,Hea

An idea worth spreading

You might want to base everything on facts but most in life is based on fact vs intuition, theories and experiences you cant go wrong with decisions or ideas or risks when you base these together. I am a risk taker in life but come across many people who arent and its finding a way to work together that combines realistic adventues vs contentment....I have yet to find that perfect person, however we know perfect doesnt quite exist.

I'm passionate about

Psychology, the arts, NLP, Sceptics, psychoanalysis, theories, non fiction, Behaviour and different theories/therapies, bringing out the best in people, finding out their true characters.

People don't know I'm good at

Skiing and dancing, the two combined wouldnt work however!!

Favorite talks