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Vitor Mendes
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is my obligation to society and the world?
I would say that indeed,in the way society its built,you do not have any obligations at all towards helping others.However,in my opinion,i would say that one feels alot better when,in a position to do so,helps others.No matter how small that help could be. For example,i am not a wealthy man,financially,but sometimes,like many other people,i dream about being a financially wealthy person.And when i dream about it the first thing that always come to mind is to find ways of helping other people. One idea i once had was that i would buy a considerable amount of land and build a big farm near a small town and being able to feed the poor people of the place. I'm not saying you should do that,i am only saying what i sometimes think about. In the end,i think you should follow your heart and find a creative way to help others using the gifts nature gave you,and do so in a way that pleases you and not because you think you have an obligation.Only you know the constitution of your morals. Peace :)