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brid hehir
Posted over 2 years ago
What are the limitations that keep new educational designs from being implemented tomorrow in schools and especially in higher education?
What an inspiring talk from Ken Robinson. I am a teacher, and I have just completed a research study on teacher goal orientations. I think therein may lie some of the solution. You see, teachers and their students, especially in post primary schooling, focus on performance, rather than mastery. It's much more important to prove that you know something, rather than that you actually know (about) it. Mastery focuses on knowing, and developing your interests for the real reason, that you really want to know more about something. And of course, we also focus in post primary both students and teachers) on making sure no one finds out what we might not be so good at. I think that thinking about education, in terms of mastery, rather than in terms of 'learning outcomes' that are SMART (specific, measurable etc) can actually bring about a change in our orientation (both teachers and their students) and enable a better more creative system than anything we can even dream of in current thinking. And remember teachers are being measured through such 'outcome' or performance criteria too. I also wonder shouldn't we teach (and learn) cogniscent of personality, in all its manifestations- and how much better that would be for our students. I could go on!! This debate is a very important one.