Alessio Erioli

Bologna, Italy

About Alessio


Alessio Erioli is Engineer and Senior Researcher at Università di Bologna where he also teaches Architectural Design, MArch in Biodigital Architecture, PhD in Architectural Engineering, co-founder and coder at Co-de-iT ( He has been advisor of many Master Thesis in Engineering and Architecture; he has lectured for (among others) IaaC (Barcelona), AA Visiting school in Paris, Accademia Belle Arti Bologna, TU Innsbruck, Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). His interests gravitate in the orbital that interweaves teaching & design ecologies in Biodigital architecture, articulating the force fields of complexity to trigger emergent performative potential. His recent interests regard the Agent-Based modeling simulation of Complex Adaptive Systems in architecture coupled with form-finding strategies. He is also skilled in computational design & modeling on several platforms (Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Processing, 3D Studio, Ecotect; scripting skills in C#, Python, RhinoScript).

I'm passionate about

Art, Architecture, Biology, Complexity, Cooking, Design, Emergence, Education, Embodied Embedded Cognition, Information, Neuroscience, Programming, Science, SIngularity

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