Jonathan Marks

Media Antropologist and Insultant, Critical Distance
Huizen, Netherlands

About Jonathan


I'm a digital storyteller. I lead teams of professional content creators, designing a digital innovation strategy to tackle digital disruption head-on. I enjoy searching for brilliant ideas and inspiring people to think and do differently. I have extensive experience in script and story development.

In the course of just over a decade, my company Critical Distance, has become a guild of writers. consultants and researchers who specialize in international trans-media strategies. Together, we work for companies who are serious about building authentic conversations in society. We closely follow market trends for consumer technologies. We also do "due diligence" of the company story.


Dutch, English, German

Areas of Expertise

storytelling, writing, invention, Broadcast & New Media Technologist, science writing, editing

I'm passionate about

Using media to empower individuals in society. I believe that TED needs to do more with the concept of Ideas Worth Doing. It''s easy to be inspired. Far more difficult to drive out obsolete concepts

Talk to me about

- Strategic Thinking - Driving out old ideas and replacing them with practical, hybrid, alternatives.
- Project Management. Planning, doing, evaluating, pivoting.
- Building great stories to share.

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