Davender Gupta

Venture Catalyst and Leadership Coach, The Visioneering Institute
Quebec City, Canada

About Davender


Davender Gupta is a business leadership coach whose passion is to develop, in his clients, the discipline and leadership skills to succeed.

Trained as an engineer, Davender integrates practical project management principles with cutting-edge leadership concepts, equipping people to move to action and create powerful and profitable results. Davender creates 21st Century Leaders.

Born in the US of Indian and Dutch parentage, he grew up in Quebec City, Canada before joining the Canadian Forces as a military aerospace research and development engineer. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, 1984) and a Masters in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, 1990). After 15 years of service, he left the military to launch a technology consulting business, then was involved in a major software development startup at the end of the 1990s.

A decisive, soul-searching moment in 2000 triggered a career change which led to the founding of the Visioneering Institute. Davender has since helped hundred of entrepreneurs across the US, Canada and Europe develop the leadership foundations of clarity, commitment, confidence and courage, always keeping an eye on tangible, profitable results.

Coach Davender Gupta is an active member of several regional, national and international business networks and associations.


English, French

An idea worth spreading

We need a new approach to leadership to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and chaotic future.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to ignite the imagination, focus the resources and stimulate the massive action required to overcome the huge obstacles we face.

The future we desperately need will be created not by politicians, or by the CEOs of the old guard, but by a new generation of citizen-leaders who are crystal-clear about their purpose, who are powered by the passion of a big vision, and who transform the status-quo by mobilizing communities of people to build systems that create profit and prosperity for all.

I'm passionate about

Leadership, business, economics, democracy, politics, neuroscience, space exploration, robotics, future, climate change, green technologies, creativity

My TED story

Co-founder of TEDxQuébec Speaker at TEDxULaval (2012)