Hassnaa Hassan

Indiana, PA, United States

About Hassnaa


I am a free lance photographer and interior designer, still on my way of earning my bachelors degree. I am Egyptian who lived all my life in Cairo, and came here to study in the United States. I believe that we are all brought to this life to share our knowledge and make a difference.


Arabic, English, French

Areas of Expertise

interior design and architecture, Photography art

An idea worth spreading

My idea that I think is worth of spreading is the faith in ourselves. I've i passed by many experiences in the Egyptian revolution in 2011 and I participated in it and wish i could spread the idea of how those people were able to take off a whole regime through their faith in their selves and that they are able to change. I believe that the only way that people might innovate and make a difference is loving and having faith in themselves that they are able to change and they have the quality of doing so just like anyone who made a change before.

I'm passionate about

Photography, designing, fashion, music, writing, and all types of art and creativity

Talk to me about

how the egyptian revolution changed the mentality of the art in egypt

People don't know I'm good at

Helping people, writing, and raising my own faith in my self and the surrounding whenever they feel down

My TED story

I will be reading my own poetry that narrates the relationship of hope and faith in ourselves and the community to the Egyptian revolution with a light background music and hand drawn white and black simple sketchy graphics. "It started when we were all sleeping
Listening about hope and freedom from far away in our dreams
Listening about faith
What does faith mean
Faith about what , and in what
Faith about the bread that we can never find, or the shackles we are all trapped in
Faith about our present, or our past that we almost forgot
Or maybe the future that we will never know about
Then the voice was approaching
Who is the purpose, who is intended
Is it me, you , or all of us
{looking in the mirror}
Wait its me!
Its calling me!
Its calling me, and me and me
Its calling the humanity in me
Its calling the faith that I used to forget that its in me
Its calling the person in me
Its calling the love for change that is planted inside me

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