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Meethun Panda
Posted over 2 years ago
Do not allow paid political advertising on radio, tv, and internet.
It is really a great concern for the society and for a nation to grow, unless we propose a strong law in media. Because, in the democratic countries,most of the reforms and ideas are initiated by the government. So, it is important to choose a right leader,belonging to a party, which can stand for the people of the nation. But most of the politicians are concerned with VOTE-BANKING.Their self-interest is bigger than the growth of their country. Here comes the role of mass media that includes Ads too. If i analyse,there are 3 categories of people inclined to politics. 1. Likely Voters 2. Undecided Voters 3. Nothing to do with .. The major concern lies to undecided voters,because they do not know whom to support. And here Politicians or political parties make the wrong use of media by provoking such that they will deal with their vote banking efficiently. Now we have reached to a point where it requires an utmost importance to challenge this situation. - A stricter rule has to be governed for media, if it is proved that the particular media is driven by political funds. - The editors have to take responsibility to check the credibility of their team and the unbias of any political parties. Freedom of speech does not mean that people or mass media interprets something that favors to a particular group.The mass media should examine the facts, not claims. There are few countries such as India, where most of the funds to media come from donation of political parties. Even if it is not election time, the way they publish their everyday contents, is bias or favourable to a political group. It is very easy to pursuade the uneducated people or in developed world, undecided voters. And everyone knows the consequence of selecting wrong people in relevant places. It certainly becomes disaster. Hence, i say a stricter reform or rule should be implemented to restrict paid political advertising that promotes negative and derogatory content.