Terry Lynch

Mental health service provider, recovery-focused, I provide a recovery-focused mental health service
Limerick, Ireland

About Terry


I am a medical doctor, psychotherapist and author. I am fully registered with the Irish Medical Council, and full accredited with the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP. I have been on several government mental health groups, including by the Department of Health and Children to the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy (2003-6), which formulated 'A Vision for Change', Ireland's official mental health policy document since 2006. I was subsequently appointed by the Department of Health and Children to the group charged with monitoring the implementation of this policy, The Independent Monitoring Group for A Vision for Change (2006-9), and I was reappointed to the Second Independent Monitoring Group (2009-12).



Areas of Expertise

Mental Health and Wellbeing, emotional and social intelligence, Mental emotional health , mental illness, mental illness, living with and coping, emotional and mental distress, psychiatry, mental health recovery, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Medical approach to mental health

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I am passionate about emotional and mental health, increasing the understanding of emotional and mental mental problems, in Recovery from mental illnesses, and the right of people to live full lives.

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