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Kariuki Kiragu
Posted 3 months ago
Mohamed Ali: The link between unemployment and terrorism
Unemployment is Africa’s prime security issue, as demonstrated by the Arab spring, militias across the Sahel, DR Congo, Kenya and Somalia, fed by gullible, idle youth. It is odd that governments in a continent in great need for infrastructure and huge amounts of idle youth energy do not put the 2 resources together for the certain win-win resultant. This status prevails because only single-bottomline economics is considered, to the total exclusion of social, spiritual and environmental capital which humanity needs to thrive in a balanced quadruple bottom-line. Thus, in singular timidity, the approach is all about money, which, after bitter IMF-World Bank medicine in the 80’s and 90’s, did not work. the current Chinese-dominated infrastructural development does not help either because they employ their own and import everything, except sand, from China. Social enterprise and appropriate technology offer a way out with models that can sustainably and incrementally employ 10 million Kenyans in about 12 years, as in the example given here. http://www.hcdconnect.org/stories/reinstating-and-entrenching-agriculture-in-africa/ Let me know your thoughts.