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Ksenya Plumb
Posted over 2 years ago
Let's get this nation of free citizens to fight for the rights of freedom for others around the world; that we often take for granted.
There are members of the Red Thread Movement all over the United States, it originally started in Texas. I am just a person helping along the chain of command, if you would like to suggest more involvement in the United States, please contact staff@redthreadmovement.org or call: 1.888.487.4549 or write a letter: P.O. Box 3637 Abilene, TX 79604 Thank you for your suggestions, and by the way, people from Utah ARE interested in helping end trafficking in the United States as well, but our main cause is helping end trafficking where it is the biggest problem- where the largest concentrated red light district in the world is- where there are over 200,000 people in captivity in one city. We're trying to help where the problem is the greatest- in India.