Daniel Glenn

Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

About Daniel


So i was looking for something more to life... then i think TED opened it up just that little bit further for me.

An idea worth spreading

Self evaluation is a huge part of life, but not it's not everything. And what does that suggest?

I'm passionate about

Living life each day to the full. I want to work out what it is that drags us back down to the 'ordinary' when you can feel extraordinary so easily.

Talk to me about

People, places, culture. Im a firm believer that everything impossible DOES happen and IS happening, somewhere. and at the very minimum some day will, or already has. Tell me your story.

People don't know I'm good at

listning and genuinly emotionally understanding things. Its something i hope to hold onto for the rest of my life.

My TED story

I have a wonderful friend named Laura. one day, sat in a coffee shop in Leeds City Centre, she introduced me to this ap =]

Favorite talks

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