Bashir Youssef

Sydney, Australia

About Bashir


Previously a Personal Trainer and Network Marketer, 2012 is the year I have realized my calling and purpose, which is to Inspire and Motivate the world through sharing my story as an Inspirational Speaker and being a catalyst of positive change through my coaching. I am legally blind. My condition is Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). My favorite subject I like to talk about is Perception and Reality, and how you don't need to be 'physically' (or legally for that matter) blind to be blinded by limitations, fears and beliefs that 'distorts' our vision and prevents us from achieving our goals and living our dreams and life to the full. We all are blind in some ways. I like to share my life story, my experiences, and how I overcame many of life's challenges through changing my mindset, and making different choices in life. Furthermore, I like to add humor to my talks, which helps to take the edge of some of the life experiences that were hard, and also to show it's ok to have a laugh at life and the things that happen to us sometimes. My brand is the The Blind Leader - I Am Your Guiding Elbow, as (metaphorically speaking) you can hold on to my elbow and I will guide you around the walls and obstacles in your path that you CAN'T see that I can... My Message: B.Yourself and be all you can be... and more!


Arabic, English

Areas of Expertise

Neuro Linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner), coach - change agent, personal training

An idea worth spreading

It is said that there are millions (if not billions) of bits of information that goes past us every second, and we only delete, distort and generalize a small fraction of that. With this in mind, you don't need to have full vision to see that where you set your focus will determine what you will find in life and what the outcomes will be. Question is, what areas of our lives are we 'blinding' ourselves to, due to where our focus is set? Our values? Our beliefs that sometimes don't necessarily serve us well? What if the answers to all the questions you seek are flying by you... every second... of every day...

I'm passionate about

Sharing my story and helping others change their lives! It's always an extremely humbling experience when others are touched by my story and message, and when I help others change for the better!

Talk to me about

Anything you like, and if you'd like more info about me or my story :-)

My TED story

I heard about TED through networking, and have been inspired by some of the talks. I hope to be on a TED stage also :-)

Favorite talks