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President, viviendo el exito
Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico

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Born in Mexico City October 10 1983, I studied part of elementary school in Mexico and USA, When I was very young I lived hi and lows in economic area thanks to family business so I realize I was not a "fan" of that business model and wanted to do something different.
Age 17 left school thinking I was smart enough to get a job and find my own way in life, even though I had a scholarship, but constantly thinking against the traditional way of study and doing things
Right after I quit school I travel to Europe and stay for 6 months in Nice, France where I opened my eyes to a new vision of life and decided to start a race to achieve financial freedom, and fulfil my dreams
Back in Mexico and thanks to a good friend I became a volunteer in a politician party believing that "that was THE option to participate in a major change dor my country" but quick enough realize that because my lack of expertise and skills couldn't be the appropriate time to do so.

A motorcycle accident age 18 was the epiphany that showed me the importance of getting residual income (wich I had no clue, not even the definition) because I lost my job right away and so began my journey to find "something" that could generate a good income even if I was sleeping, exercising, traveling, studying, etc
Months after that I get to know the Network Marketing Industry in a Presentation that took place in Mexico City, I sign up immediately with that company and resign my 2 jobs (waiter & public server)
The first two years where really difficult and showed no great income because I lack of a mentor and proper orientation, I just stayed connected to the company because I was selling the products, recruiting some few people, and getting excited on every motivation event and success story.
It took me two years to find a coach who showed me the path he had already walk (he was a millionaire) and introduce me to the amazing world of personal development.
Three years later I hit 150,000 USD of anual residual income age 23, meanwhile my son was born and semi-retired enjoyed almost every day my life and my kid.

Age 26 in 2010 got divorced and lost the 100% of the business in court.
Economic crisis came in that second, every day I was eating food I couldn't pay. no money no business, and no contract with the company.

Good news, in 2011 the promise I bought years before of the magic of personal development came truth... one of my mentors told me "If you are a millionaire, you can give away the million, you can lose the million or it can be taken from you, but no problem.. because you are a millionaire, you know the way and you can get it back, Jim Rohn.
I started a new network marketing business and hit 5,000 USD per month in 6 months, and became one of the major growing checks in the region for that company.
January 2012 I shared a vision with a new Mexican Network Marketing company the message is simple: "Live your dreams" and decided to join this new adventure, and I got a leadership position in the first 7 weeks.
Now i devote my life to my passion, communication, coaching and personal development.
My personal philosophy is "Let your day affect in a positive way the people around you" and please smile..!!

Great part of my success is because of the influence of several authors and speakers, my 5 top books are:
Think & grow rich, NapoleĆ³n Hill
See you at the top, Zig Ziglar
How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie
The five major pieces of the life puzzle, Jim Rohn
Las 21 irrefutable laws of leadership, John C. Maxwell


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Network Marketing Proffessional, Comunications and Public Speaking, Leadership Development & Mentoring

An idea worth spreading

whatever you want to accomplish find a mentor, a coach that can show you the way, then read, listen and watch all you can of the subject, make your own mind... strike every opportunity life gives you because you have not a thousand springs... just a few. Harvest will come only for those who have planted

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Success stories, Personal development, communication, psychology, coaching, marketing

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happiness, education, wealth, economy, health, fun, life

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Luis Belaunzaran
Posted over 2 years ago
Debate: We should use these techniques to teach our children to be happy
I've been living this... every time you ask me how are you?, I say "I'm very happy", the immediate question is WHY? then I look around my life and take one reason why I could be really happy: because I have a new project, because I'm seeing my family tomorrow, because I meet a very nice person, etc. And the truth is that everyone in earth have a reason to be happy, my experience tell me that even in moments that you're not in the best mood, you can change your entire body reaction, and there are science that shows evidence that you will perform better in the solution of the problems you have in life. So using the techniques involve lot of practice... that the question how are you? that is a very common one, several times a day we have the chance to use it to our benefit, and the reaction should teach is that the "very happy" answer involves a second question why.... that's the key... fake it... so you become right.. well in this case I think you should only remember why you can be happy.. there's a lot of people that are very angry in life and don't even know why... that's sad... so try it.. and like Amy says ITS FREE
Luis Belaunzaran
Posted over 2 years ago
Debate: Should students rely on technology for their homework?
A lot of students are on-line but off-track, if you have to write something and don't have the spell check with you, you are in trouble, so my recommendation for students are 2: first read all you can, the only way to learn how to spell is to read with a dictionary in the hand. Second you have to be hi tech and hi touch, learn all you can about technology so that you can go out there and live, human interaction is better for living a good life. technology should be used to provide extra time. the problem is not doing the homework with hi tech, is that hi tech absorve your attention for hours after you finished.... shut down facebook for a couple of hours see what you can do in your neighbourhood for real . :)