Abdellatif Bedier

Cairo, Egypt

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My name is Abdellatif Bedier, 22 years old, CEO of ALBEDIER Inc. [Adverting & Public Relation] started in (San Jose, CA) , I studied Communication Engineering at Future University in Egypt, and i self studied Computer Science with all it's subjects i start working since i was 16 years old as FreeLancer - Web Developer for many companies until i reached 18, i started my own company "DesignBooky" For Creating Websites & Social Marketing for other companies with a High quality & Performance then I Started My Video Production Company "abb Studios" for making [Short films, Promos, Ads, Documentary, 3D Animations, Cartoon and Pre-Wedding Movies] then we have lunched so many other companies such as "abb Interiors" as a Interior Design company for offices & Houses all of that are now under the name of ALBEDIER Inc. [Group Holding] and we are looking forward to improve Egypt's Developments and services with our highly educated and skilled employee all over the world to serve our clients the best we can.


Arabic, English

Areas of Expertise

Graphic Designing, Programming, Leadership, inventor, Advertising Agencies, conference planning/organizing, Presentation Creation and Coaching, Photography , Director of Film, Charity leadership

An idea worth spreading

Is that everyone could start his own business today just if he/she trust on himself/herself they could do anything because nowadays the technology made everything easier to help your product be sold faster you just need to know which tools you should use and how and then you will find you way to success and benefit back to your community and that's what all of us want

I'm passionate about

Helping Poor & needy - Inventing new things to make life easier - Developing Egypt - Technology - Entrepreneurship - etc...

Talk to me about

Technology - Charity - Inventing - Social Networking - Marketing - Programming - Helping

People don't know I'm good at

Technology - Leadership - Creating new Business - generating new Ideas