Benha, Egypt



- Tedx benha univeristy O.C

- Benha univeristy Official Trainer
- Attending presentation skill training in winter camp in Ismaelia
- Attending Communication skills training in winter camp in Assuit
- Attending a lot of trainings like leadership, team building fundraising, project management ….etc
- Attending peer education training in Benha
- ASK Organization Team


- Attending most of IFMSA- Egypt Gas
- Attending SOME-SCORA Camp 2007
- Attending IFMSA-Egypt winter camp in Ismaelia 2008
- Attending SCORA Camp in Alex 2008
- Attending SCORA Camp in Alex 2009
- Attending IFMSA-Egypt winter camp in Assuit 2010
- One of the organizing committee of 2 SCOME workshops occurred in Benha (NAC and ISSH)
- Attending National SCOME Workshop 2010 occurred in Mansoura
- Attending EMR 07 in Dubia
- Attending summer camp 2011 in Menofia
- Attending Historical GA in July 2011 in Menofia

Positions of trust:

- Benha medical association member 2006
- local officer of reproductive health and AIDS 2007
- International women's day coordinator 2009 & 2010
- IFMSA-Egypt website director 2009
- Secretary General Benha medical association 2009-2010
-Benha medical association President 2011

Other organized event:

- Organizing 4th BSSS annual conference about 10 steps for success – DR/Ibrahim Elfeky 2008
- Organizing 5TH BSSS annual conference about Fellowships 2009
- Secretary of 6th BSSS Conference about what's the next 2010
- Organizing peer education training in BSSS
- Organization Annual USAID conference 2011
- Organization Care Meeting 2011
- Organization Annual conference of Vice presidents
For Community development


Arabic, English, French

An idea worth spreading

teddy bear idea
it's amazing experience to share in this huge project
visit a lot of hospital and to make children to deal with teddy bear as patients and children are the doctors to break the stones between the doctors and children

Talk to me about

I'm house officer in benha university
attend alot of tedx event in my country
and share in organize Benha univeristy event

People don't know I'm good at

write novels
movie design

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