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Haerbin, China

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我是在日本工作的中国哈尔滨人。喜欢英语。希望多结交有共同爱好的朋友一起进步。I came from Haerbin, China and work in Japan. I love studying English. And I'd like to make friends who have the same hobby and make progress together.私は中国ハルビンの出身で、今現在日本で働いています。英語が好きで、同じ趣味を持ちの友たちを作って、一緒に進歩したいです。

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Life is life and you are you.

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I'm passionate about nothing and everything.

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Hi, my English is Chris, call me Ris, haha. By the way, I am VERY open.

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You have no ideas about me, I know well.

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