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Carol Halbrook Hargett
Posted almost 2 years ago
The power of a brand to turn us into puppets.
would be here all night to read all comments, but Just have to respond to the Fear of dark issue. I have been at both ends of spectrum at different times about fear of the dark. It all had to do with my state of mind (what i was thinking about ) What I am focusing my thoughts on as well as what I am letting come into to my mind. Television is a big influencer here. If you simply cut out tv. the longer time you go without the less fearful you will be. You will also be less hungry, crave fast food less often. I don't even watch the news because it is mostly negative. I watched my husband go through this negative mindset constantly on the news and radio talk shows. Always talking about politics and issues. It sounds so smart, but its negative, and does it change anything. Him listening to it changed nothing, except our marriage. He made no effect on the issues and it didn't change his mind about how to vote. Just made him a negative and abrasive person to be around. I think i have a better perspective of life in general by not watching tv very much. i don't say i don't watch at all, i think i have a pretty healthy balance on it. only if someting catches interest at right time when I am too tired or brain dead to anything else. its usually movies or a kids show. i did watch American idle for a few years, the people stories and talent.. anyway, what you allow yourself to be exposed to. you decide how you spend your time and where you put your eyes and ears. We buy into the lie at times that we are forced or have no control. The only thing we can control is our own bodies and in the US we are more free than most of the world. we decide, whatever the consequence or gain, we decide what we do with our time and our minds and bodies and behavior. we have to take control of our mind and not let it be the lemming of the world. Few attain this, I have noticed. :) oh, and I am sure I am not one of them, at least yet anyway.