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Lochan Naidoo
Posted over 2 years ago
The power of a brand to turn us into puppets.
I use a particular approach to detoxification n drug n alcohol rehabilitation. Unfortunately people have to be quiet down the road f destruction before they agree to spend 4 weeks in a rehab facility. The enablers at home or work respond when the cost benefit ratio is now causing problems for them. I want to market peace at home, productivity at work n how to fix a broken person by fixing the brain. It's not about stopping alc or drug, I feel it's about realizing something is broken n then committing to fix it n enjoying the benefits of the result n perhaps becoming hooked on this improved performance. Unfortunately the family quiet rarely wants to grow believing the patient is the problem, not realizing why this mismatch occurred in the first place. Ideas on how to keep people in the program for at least 28 days for neurogenesis n their families to engage in their own growth must come perceptual change in marketing . Any thoughts ?