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Prisoner of War. Surrounded by people that are consciously being poisoned to death slowly. Not asking for pity. Besides most life ecosystems on the earth are under severe threat, and the poisoning is all compassing as humans are concerned.

An idea worth spreading

spreading ideas that you deem very good. others cannot 'un-hear' what they've read or have been told. (credits to Ron Paul)

I'm passionate about

Acquiring power. As Lilith in Darksiders 2 I am drawn to raw power. AKA those that are strong and help others to be strong. Either by directly teaching or through being examples.

Talk to me about

Interesting advancements in any area. And see what happens.

People don't know I'm good at

blocking memories. So no matter how hard you try to torment/torture me, I will forget it after you're done and get the feck away from you.

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Karsten Hartog
Posted over 2 years ago
Why do we NOT invest effectively in the poor and marginalized so they can participate in the global economy?
My latest theory is this. I think an empire system is the way to go in our current situation, as people are unwilling to fight for a direct democracy, in others words REAL democracy. I would learn more about the Athenian Democracy if I get the time etc. So empire, and it seems to me that in an empire the Kaiser/Emperor, his advisors and the lords etc. That they basically decide over the subjects. So in the sense of the poor and marginalized that are barely participating in the global economy. Offer them 'relocations' where they can actually produce something. My personal will is to be allowed to live in Iran. No matter what they would do to me there, I feel a strong urge to be with them. BTW 'R H' can you possibly extend the time to comment here? Also do you use facebook?