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Monterrey, Mexico

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Francisco Correa
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is my obligation to society and the world?
Rebecca, Why not running a campaign to change poor people thoughts? Definetely peopleĀ“s destiny is changed by their actions and their actions are caused by their thoughts. Media campaigns are excellent as massive communication means, but they are expensive. If you have the financial means, maybe you can get your name in history for changing peopleĀ“s destinies.
Francisco Correa
Posted over 2 years ago
Do we really care about world peace?
I believe peace is a must if we are to progress and evolve as a universal specie. We need to start focusing on goals beyond our own wallets, beyond our wealth, beyond our country's wealth and beyond our own planet. Maybe if we rise the living standards of the poorest, if we educate our young and make them aware that we all are a living specie stationed in an orbiting planet, we can evolve thru our young and continue existing. Peace, or living without fear, is key to establish the best environment for best human brains to propose the best ways to achieve greater goals. I live in Mexico, people live in fear.