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I earned my bachelor degree in Economics from Fundação Santo André – Brazil, and my MBA degree in Higher Education Management from Universidade São Marcos – Brazil, complementing it with seminars at the DePaul University – Chicago, USA and at the IOE – Institute of Education / University of London – London, UK. For the last 25 years, I worked at the Centro Universitário São Camilo (Saint Camillus University Center), a traditional higher education institution in São Paulo, Brazil, where I occupied academic and administrative positions, namely: professor, coordinator of two post-graduate courses (MBAs), coordinator of international affairs, coordinator of institutional evaluation, and assessor of Pro-Rectory. Currently, I am a public servant at the city hall of Santo André – Brazil. I am married and have one daughter.


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Higher Education Administration

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Do people really know what is best for their own happiness?

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Edelcio Sardano
Posted over 2 years ago
Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
Brilliant and inspiring talk of Ken Robinson! In this world of having, concerns don't usually focus on being, except when it is to be a winner. Although the intention behind it may be wealth and happiness, socially speaking, this is precisely the way against it. If people's projects only started from successfull paradigms, in order to endeavour something, no innovation would have arisen, talents would die, and frustation could not be avoided.
Edelcio Sardano
Posted over 2 years ago
Why do we NOT invest effectively in the poor and marginalized so they can participate in the global economy?
Recent experience here in Brazil shows this thought can be controversial, depending on who is this “we”, how the “investment” is done, and what is “participate in the global economy”. Effectiveness and fairness in income distribution is a priority, indeed. But the problem is who conducts it, as well as how the sacrifices to reach it are attributed. About global economy, it seems there is a conceptual misunderstanding, on purpose, taking consumption instead of participation.