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I was a senior systems analyst for nearly two decades, designing and developing data systems for the defense, finance, and entertainment industries. What I know about IT security came by way of securing systems against intruders -- but I definitely found pen-testing interesting. Wearing a 'black hat' got me thinking about the vulnerabilities of our high-efficiency world.

Back in 2006 I self-published my first high-tech thriller, Daemon, and it did better than I expected (meaning I sold more than one). Now, along with its sequel, FreedomTM, the books have been translated into 18 languages. But I always want to keep one foot in the technology game. It's what powers modern society.

To me, the central question of our time is whether technology will liberate us or constrain us -- and I don't think we can leave that outcome to chance. The networks we are building are *becoming* society itself. If we architect networks predicated on top-down, centralized control, then that's a model inconsistent with democracy. It might be highly efficient, but it's an inflexible approach that resists change and innovation.

Future generations are counting on us to get this right. Making these important technological issues comprehensible to the public at large is the main reason I took to writing popular fiction, and I expect that's why I'll continue doing so.



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Data & Information, novelist

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Preserving democratic institutions in the face of rapid technological change and cultivating the creativity and brainpower of the entire world to address the challenges ahead.


University of Delaware

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Technology, democracy, video gaming, and cyber security.