Peter Bickerton

PhD student - Biological Sciences, Thought for Food
Manchester, Uk, United Kingdom

About Peter


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Juggling, Plant Sciences, entomophagy, Cooking Insects, Ukulele, Blackburn Rovers

An idea worth spreading

Entomophagy (insect eating) is the only truly sustainable form of animal protein on the planet. As our global population becomes more affluent (and increases exponentially) we are demanding ever more meat, which is inherently unsustainable. Livestock produce 130 times the waste of the human population, while we sustain a greater mass of livestock than people worldwide with one third of our grain. Considering around 60% of the grain we feed to livestock goes to waste, while in the last ten years we have consumed more grain than we have produced, we need a more sustainable solution. Insects require vastly less water and grain to produce an equivalent amount of mass, while this mass is up to three times greater in protein content and many times more nutritious. Another consideration is that livestock production is the single biggest driver of deforestation, desertification, eutrophication, methane, CO2 and ammonia emissions worldwide. Insects make complete sense - AND they're tasty!

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about meeting new people, fostering novel ideas and inspiring change. At the moment this is channeled through my love of eating insects and food security, working with Thought for Food

Talk to me about

Food security, food waste, nutrition and agricultural sustainability. Mainly talk to me about eating insects, which I'm particuluarly fond of, as well as novel solutions to the global food crisis.

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