Roi Shternin

Health Educator, 4health(labriut)
Tel-Aviv, Israel

About Roi


I am a Dreamer of an Healthier world, engaged fully in prevention and education of health, safety and wellness, I've established "Labriut" an award winning health education project, also, promoted Health trough my TEDx event, and my other project aiming to save life and to prevent illnesses. with 2 of my friends, I've created Help+ a life saving social networked free of charged for the Deaf and Hearing impaired community of Israel and now, for the general public.


English, Hebrew

Areas of Expertise

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Health Education and Promotion, First Aid Training, Educacion

An idea worth spreading

Help+ Is a mobile app that is designed to save lives through a stunningly, innovative use of technology. made by devoted volunteers in order to change the way we call and receive Emergency medical assistance, making it the first Ever life saving social network.

I'm passionate about

Health! Health Education and promotion, Education, music,writing, Dreaming!

Talk to me about

Health and health education, community development, and everything else:)

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