Katelynn McGee

Archeology Student, Organic Love
Stockbridge, GA, United States

About Katelynn


I have been interested in human development as well as historical artifacts for quite some time now. Ancient Egypt was my first real love that brought me to begin my studies on archeology and anthropology. The real mystery of where we have come from and our purpose surrounds my life as many scholars, historians, and scientist have for centuries. I am in search of the big questions of how and why the human race has gotten thus far. However, who we are seems to be the greater question as I have come to understand. I am creating a life of my own not only helping in the direction of truth, but also helping to enrich the lives of others. I am the co-founder of an organization that will one day spread across the world. Our organization offers everything a person needs to garden within their area, aside from tools, we create water systems and even provide organic pesticides as well as dirt. Knowledge of how to grow will also be taught to whomever wishes to join our organization. Our plan is to help the planet understand that you don't have to go out to buy food to sustain a healthy life, an easy task that will end world hunger and decrease in poverty. As well as ending cancerous lifestyles people are so accustomed to. I choose to live a life of giving, so everyone who may come after me will live in peace and not have to worry about collapse of entire societies based upon food.

An idea worth spreading

I have wanted to speak about my dreams for a while, but it wasn't until I started hearing about prestigious scientists and scholars talk about the ability to be able to dream and sometimes even have visions while awake of the future. I have researched many like Edgar Casey and Nostradamus, who have written of being able to understand things well before they happen. A state of mind that isn't hardly even understood. It wasn't until I began to look into Aristotle and his theory of perpetual studies, which is now to my knowledge studies in universities! Aristotle proposed that there was a way to gain knowledge that is flying through space. I have been able to have dreams since I was eight that have come true completely. Even when testing if what I saw was correct by trying to change what I had seen, did it twist itself back together, results would always be exactly how I had seen the outcome. I still search for answers to why, but hope the study picks up and lives on.

I'm passionate about

Changing and enriching the lives of other people. I want to change the world, as much as the next person. Not change in a sense of difference, but an evolved state of understanding about the world.

Talk to me about

The world and the universe.

My TED story

I was eight years old when my visions in my dreams began. They were very insignificant, conversations or things that I would do. Most people call them Deja Vu, however I believe you dream them first, then realize you have done something "again" with no knowledge to why you remember. The most significant visions that I have had include; the tsunami that hit Indonesia, war in North Korea, and some that have not yet come to pass. Those including our whole civilization meeting with another civilization from another planet. As it was hard for me in the beginning to understand, people dismiss what I say because how can knowledge like this be available to someone. I have researched quite a bit of evidence of people who protest to the same things that I have experienced and am still experiencing to this day.