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Pueblo, CO, United States

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Through many conversations and research, Mrs. Sunflower and I came to the awareness between what is right and what is real. We chose realism. The dogma of black and white is just the furthering of the illusion. Nothing in life is black and white.

Even as a black and white photographer I always dealt with 256 shades of gray. And if we believed in all the hype which we have been dealing with, it would be like... “trying to catch the wind”. There are no compromises in what I create or do in life. My work is exactly who I am. The final results of my efforts acts like mirror that I hold up to myself. Its reflection speaks for itself. I can’t add anything to it.

Working in the creative arts isn’t new in my life. I have been a creative from an early age. An important level must be understood... that all the ancient religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others, always referred to the Godhead as the Creator. All artist’s carry within them, the role of co-creator. Always attuning their synchronicity to the creative mind and to the workings of the universal mind.

Most human beings think in linear terms, but in the universe everything happens at once. So when an artist starts experiencing synchronicity, they start participating within the very creative flow of the universe.

After eight months of writing and other creative activities, Mrs. Sunflower and I have settled on the production of radio programming. The creation of radio programing allows us to move within the flow of energy and information pertaining to our society and that of the world at large.

When done correctly, it’s the effortless movement of consciousness that ultimately creates the sort of results through the expression of diversity and understanding that is needed in today’s world.

The “Alan After Dark” programs will only bring people to that train station of the imaginarium. There, each person will choose his or her train according to their tastes and stage of development. But at least, we will take our audience to the station. The programs will be rolled out with respect to the kaleidoscopic aspects of individual personalities and without pontificating a certain position or demagoguery. It is very simple. Alan After Dark will be written with shameless sincerity.

Profoundly, I have seen it and heard it spoken that everyone should have a crystal-clear idea about everything, and that “everything”, should be interpreted according to a strict rule and rationality. In their eyes, a person should leave no room for doubt. I feel, that life’s “vital confusion or Life’s opposing forces” is our only salvation against these dogmatic mummifications. For I am straining to hear with my heart something that is nearly forgotten… that sound towards real change and the need for renewal… the renewal that is already taking place in the world around us. No one can live for me... and no one can die for me. To be human is to be.... uncertain.

Defy Mediocrity... ALAN

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