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Harry Haber
Posted over 2 years ago
What experiences have made you more comfortable with mental health disorders?
About two years ago a very attractive 25year old woman walked into my surgery and stated "I am depressed, I am suicidal and I want something to sleep". I replied " I do not know anything about you I feel it would be appropiate to refer you straight away to the local hospital to be assessed by a on duty psychiatric registrar, " This was immediately refused, as was an offer to contact the Crisis team. I stated I was not prepared to prescribe her sleeping tablets and she would have to decide my offer of a referral to the hospital as I could not see any other way of dealing with her situation. She said "ok" and stood up and walked out. I called the Crisis team with her details. They contacted me a week latter stating she refused their assistance. I received a complaint, from her that I was not caring, this a lesson for me to remember.