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Patricia Usetxe
Posted almost 3 years ago
What experiences have made you more comfortable with mental health disorders?
As a child I lived in a little town in Colombia, called Sibaté. Since there isn´t a good public health care sistem in Colombia, every case of mental illness in the main city was taken to little Sibaté, because in this town a team of nuns had founded a mental health care institution for poor people. On Weekends the nuns would let the mentally ill people that were not aggresive go out and visit the town. So we (children) became used to sit in the park on Sundays and have these weird conversations with people that had wild fantasies or could answer the craziest questions in the world. I think I learned a lot from those persons. I came to think that we all live not very far from this frontier and that it is o.k. so. And that people that have accepted their mental illness are sometimes much more easy going than people that try desperately to be seen as "normal".