María Teresa Chávez

Guatemala City, Guatemala

About María Teresa


[as of May 2013] I'm 14 years old, live in Guatemala. Was accepted to med school and trying to decide whether to start the second semester of med school in June or spend a couple of months in Silicon Valley working on projects related to neuroscience and aging. At this point, I dropped out of school, I am alumni of Acton Academy Guatemala, and have spent the past few months doing research about ALS and other brain disorders and age-related diseases.


English, Spanish

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about science (specially neuroscience), reading, mathematics and education. I want to cure brain disorders and age-related diseases.

Talk to me about

science, neuroscience, biotech, mathematics, technology, education, or any revolutionary idea that comes to your mind!

My TED story

TEDMED front line scholar (2013), attendee at TEDxYouth@Guatemala City (2011), speaker at TEDxYouth@UFM (2012), TEDMED live organizer (2013), TED translator (2012-present)

Favorite talks