Milly Kerlin

Rochester, MN, United States

About Milly


I am convinced that, after graduating with a Psychology degree and working for almost 2 years in IT Security, that my ultimate goal in life is to help people. I have been behind books and computers, unseen by the customers I serve, and drowning in work that doesn't seem to matter. I have always been a hard worker and can adapt to all work environments, but I know that I meant to work with people - side by side coworkers in a team environment and with clients/customers/people to help them achieve the goals that they have for themselves. Ultimately I want to own a business that only employs people who have been or are on probation because having a "record" only makes it that much harder to obtain a job and an income to help turn your life around. I also would love to own homes that people can move into if they need to get away from their unhealthy home lives. They will need to work while they live in these homes, pay rent, and pay for their living essentials when possible. They will learn a new sense of independence and responsibility while living with other people who are in similar situations. The environment will be completely healthy and encouraging and will hopefully allow people to get back on their feet and return to their regular home lives with a new outlook on life. Of course, I realize that education and experience are crucial components before any ultimate goals can be obtained. I have a B.S. in Psychology from Winona State University where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I have worked with a variety of different populations including people with mental illness (with NAMI Southeastern MN), different ethnic backgrounds (with RCTC, Winona State University, and Mayo Clinic), children (with Kindercare Daycare Center), and professionals in the education and healthcare industries. I am seasoned in customer service (through years at Coldwell Banker Burnet and the Mayo Clinic) and possess great phone, email, and personable skills to serve people in a timely, efficient, and kind manner. I also realize that I need to return to school to enhance the basic skills I obtained at Winona State. I am hoping to at least get a LADC certificate and a Master's in counseling (LP, LPC, or LPCC) with an emphasis on Chemical Addictions. I am always an open book, willing and ready to learn, so I will probably shoot for furthering my education for as long as I possibly can. I know how hard it is to be affected by an addiction or mental illness. People with addictions, mental illness, or criminal records deserve as much assistance as possible to get their lives back; their goals and dreams can be accomplished if we let them. I want to be an advocate for these people and allow them to build or rebuild their lives.

An idea worth spreading

Gender, illness, crime, and addiction specific housing and job services. Businesses that only hire people with criminal records to foster responsibility, resume building, and confidence.

I'm passionate about

Advocacy for animals, those affected by mental illness and addiction, GLBTQ. Charitable giving. Paying it forward.

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Politics. Women's Issues. GLBTQ Issues. Human Rights. Animal Rights. Exercise. Education.