Luís Felipe Sá

Rio De Janeiro, Rj, Brazil

About Luís Felipe


Love music, I play a few instruments, i was kind of raised on a recording studio from a friend of my dad. I try to be always in a good mood and thinking what can be changed for better, everywhere. In my career, first I wanted do be a chemical engeneer, but then I found out that wasn't right, then i changed to Marketing school at UFRJ. I love it, i realy love everything about it and there's no way i'm not doing this for living. Besides being passioned by my carrer, im passioned about my University! I see every single problem and think how that can be solved. I connect people and staff for helping.


English, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Music, People and organisational change , Arts - Photography, Schools/Teaching/Education Reform, Education & Development on emotions, Guitar Performance and Instruction, Marketing / Branding, Advertising, Events, Technolgy in Education, Power of touching people

An idea worth spreading

The way schools, university, companies and other organizations is surpassed. I think the whole world should change the way they run stuff. The emocional side should be more important, life-learning should be more valued. This is very important, when the guy are motivated by something the job goes better, the results come faster, its clearly better. The generations are coming trhough and changing this. Flexible time, concected everywhere, it's a trend. Besides that, tha division that puts the boss apart from the employees is wrong. The contact between them is substancial. New companies are starting to think horizontally, to put different people at the same place, to think together, and that's the way it should be. Valuing the people's experience and their thinking and intuition. Tha most important thing i think it's the contact between diferent people, wich means different ideas and different perspectives. That cobines awesome stuff and results are amazing.

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about how the world is responding to this huge global contact. People from everywhere are enganged on something and working on that. Also, changes we can make now with this possibilitie

Talk to me about

Education, Love, Music, jobs, people, cultures, TED, TEDx,

My TED story

I'm passioned about TED. Since the first video I saw when a friend of mine showed me, I never stop following and exploring about videos, speaks, events and stuff. Unfortunately, I only went to one TED, TEDxESPM, in Rio, and it was so amazing. Now there's TEDxUFRJ coming, it's my university, i'm already in touch with the organizers to help in everything they want and make this a memorable TEDx. I realy love the format of it, not only beaing inovating and cool, it's realy good because it's very meaningfull and doesn't make you tired of waching, its the oposite, you want more when it's over. It's a realy good event. I'm a TED and TEDx lover. Hope to one day, when i become a wise man (lol) i can speak.